– Can you please introduce yourself in a few words.
My name is Ximena Rubio. I am a coffee professional based in Mexico City. My passion are beverages and food. In my free time I like traveling, listening to music, reading and writing. You can find me pulling shot at Quentin or drinking a Maritini in Limantour, my favorite bar.

– What’s your story in the coffee industry?
I have been working in the industry for about 7 years. I started out as a waitress in a café when I was 14 years old, since then I felt in love with the industry and knew I wanted to do it my whole life.

– How and when did you get to specialize as a coffee writer/podcaster?
When I was in high school I was a part time barista and had time to do some writing. I reached out to Sprudge, because to me they are one of the leaders of the industry in terms of media. I was impressed not to see anything about specialty coffee in Mexico on the internet, so I though maybe I could start writing about the coffee culture in my city, so that people outside knew there’s a lot going on over here.

– What’s your specialty and what makes you different?
I am a woman, barista in a producing country. Being born in a country like Mexico and working in the coffee industry inside and outside of Mexico has made me an empathic person that wants to transmit the issues of a producing country and how we can all together make better coffee.

– What was your first coffee experience?
Before drinking specialty coffee I didn’t drink coffee at all. I think the most memorable moment of my first year as a barista was the first time I had an espresso. I was like “ok, this tastes reaaaaally different to what my family drinks (in a good way). I think I can get used to it” Now, espresso is my favorite bevarage.

– What was your best coffee experience?
I think my most important coffee experience goes back to 2013, when I tried the competition coffee of the Swiss barista champion. It was a beautiful Ethiopian Natural. That coffee made me re-think my career. Before that I just really liked being a barista, I didn’t really loved coffee.
My favorite coffee moment was this year at Finca Chelin, trying Enrique’s new experimental processes. The most beautiful cupping table of my life.

– Do you prepare coffee at home ? If yes, what method do you use?
I never prepare coffee at home, I usually just go to Quentin and drink coffee there. On my days off I try to visit other coffee shops.

– How do you like your coffee? Black, sugar and milk, iced, vietnamese style,…?
I usually drink espresso, cappuccino and filter, but I’m a big coffee-cocktails enthusiastic.

– How would you qualify yourself as coffee drinker (occasional, heavy, addict…)?
Some people at Quentin are afraid of having shifts with me because of how much coffee I drink. I think I am addicted to it.

– Have you always been into the coffee industry? If not, what was your previous job?
Coffee was my first job ever!!

– Do you have another passion or a hobby besides coffee?
Yes, cocktails! This year I discovered the world of cocktails and I want to learn everything about it.

– What other place would you recommend, anywhere in the world (coffee or not)?
My favorite coffee shops in the world are: MAME (Zürich), Cupping Room (Hong Kong), BOCA (Amsterdam), Avellaneda (Mexico City), Quentin (Of course!) and La Marzocco Café (Seattle)

– What is/are your favorite website(s) to get information about coffee?
Barista Hustle!

– What would you say to people who don’t know much about coffee?
If you want to learn, the best thing you can do is try as much as you can. The more you try the bigger your flavor spectrum. Read and talk to coffee people! There are a lot of approachable coffee nerds whiling to help!


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