– Can you please introduce yourself in a few words.
I am Rob Dunne. Another Irish person lost in London, purely trying to take a little piece of land back after the British hung out in Ireland for so long, I think it’s only fitting.
I make coffee but I think tea, while always aware I work in hospitality and nothing else.

I approach everything with the same goal, always do what you are doing to your best ability, from sweeping the floor to making a coffee, to serving a guest. Design and function are absolutely important. I will tell you, you are not the most important person inside your business, your audience is, so play to them.

I personally don’t know what role I play in coffee, I purely do as I wish to, when and where and because I enjoy doing it. I need no title or box to be understood.

– What’s your story in the coffee industry?
Well so far, I transferred into the world of coffee in 2009 after a background in printing and graphic design, studying tea and four years of working as a Short Order Chef. With three months practical experience as a Barista, I entered, and placed fourth in the Irish IBC. Following this, I took a