– Can you please introduce yourself in a few words.
My name is Lotte, I’ve been working for three years in the coffee industry now. I’m a young girl (21) with a passion for coffee.
My workplace since January 2016: Kolonel Koffie.
Before: Maurice Coffee

– What’s your specialty and what makes you different?
My specialty definitely is latte art. I just love to make creative, new figures with milk. Every day I try to make the best coffee for customers. I’m a perfectionist. Not only does it have to taste good, it also has to look great! Watching YouTube videos helps me to create the perfect latte art.

– What was your first coffee experience?
I started to drink coffee when I was 18 years old. I had to drink coffee because of the competition BJCA (Belgium Junior Coffee Ambassador). To prepare me for the competition, I’ve been drinking coffee with my mother and sister at all the finest places in Antwerp. At the end of the day, I was shaking due to the caffeine but the coffee started to taste good at last!

– How/when have you discovered about specialty coffee?
In the last year of secondary school, I chose to specialize in liquors and drinks where we would learn more about cocktails, wines and coffee. Coffee interested me the most and that was the moment when my passion for coffee skyrocketed. (I did an education in the catering industry.) Due to the competition BJCA I learned a lot about specialty coffee.

– What was your best coffee experience?
At the Amsterdam Coffee festival 2016 I tried the Keen coffee. It was absolutely fantastic. I also made a trip to Brazil. One week long, we visited coffee plantations and learned a lot about the coffee berry and coffee bean. Everything from the best coffee making methods to how to pick the berry (by machine or by hand) was explained! Obviously, the Brazilian setting was phenomenal and I also got the opportunity to work on the plantations. This trip was a once in a lifetime experience and more than ever, I realized that coffee was my absolute passion.

– Do you prepare coffee at home ? If yes, what method do you use?
Yes, I use Aeropress and I used to make my coffee with a V60.

– How do you like your coffee? Black, sugar and milk, iced, vietnamese style,…?
I like my coffee black! Filters are my favorite but during summertime cold brews are the best.

– How would you qualify yourself as coffee drinker (occasional, heavy, addict…)?
Every day I drink coffee, but I’m not an addict. It stays with a few cups a day.

– Have you always been into the coffee industry? If not, what was your previous job?
I’ve always been in the coffee industry and I love it. It will be my job for the rest of my life. It’s a dream that came true.

– Do you have another passion or a hobby besides coffee?
I like to taste wine. I am very interested in the whole process started from the grapes.

– What other place would you recommend, anywhere in the world (coffee or not)?
I recommend Lisboa!! Lovely city with very nice people.

– What is/are your favorite website(s) to get information about coffee?
I read barista hustle by Matt Perger


Kolonel Koffie, Montignystraat, Anvers, Belgique Open map →