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Brussels – DOWNTOWN

  • Encré Café

Ou quand une belle marque de vêtement ouvre un café en mode speakeasy à Bruxelles. On dit oui à 10000%, le lieu est tellement beau, et le café y est tellement bon.

  • FRANK.

Frank (& Francine at night) is known for great food and amazing wine in addition to specialty coffee. This is a restaurant with a real kitchen, serving some of the best coffee. One of a kind, even tho all restaurants should serve great coffee 😉

  • L’Açai

This place might be in a very touristic area, but Aymen is passionate and has a great drink menu. Cold Brew made to perfection and coffee from Mok. Don’t miss Tip Toe, pea mylk from Belgium.

  • Kaffa Bar

Marc opened a bit remote from the center a while ago. Not so many people know the place, and yet, one of my favorite. Why? because they serve a great frangipane (can I get a break from global food and carrot cake pleaaase)  with amazing beans from Mok and other roasteries (Nomad from Barcelona for instance). Also, hospitality is unique over there, you feel like a special guest every time, and this is too rare to not be mentioned.

  • Glacier Gaston

The perfect match between Ice Cream and Espresso from OR Coffee Roasters: Affogato pistachio! Yum 😉 And best ice cream in town.

  • Walvis

Great local food, true brasserie for local customers aaand they serve specialty coffee. So now, feel free to have a stoemp sauccisse or a chicon au gratin without having fear of ending a great local food experience with a bad coffee. You are in good hands here.

  • Mok

Leading specialty roastery in Belgium, yass!! and they food offer is insane. Not to mention wine etc… let’s cut the blabla, you just can’t miss Mok.

  • Nightshop

A restaurant where food and coffee are treated at a very hugh level. Recommended of course


  • Extra love : Yuka

Moussa is one of the most dedicated barista in town, and still under the radar after more than 5 years in the game. Ni filter here, but espresso love brewed to perfection. Say Hi from me.

  • Extra love : Damn Good Café




Brussels – UPTOWN

  • Nomad

Aurélie attended a few classes and couldn’t think about including specialty coffee to her brand new co-working space. She can set a grinder and serve one of the best espresso from around. If you need a space to work and enjoy great espresso, you know where to go.

  • Pardon

They serve a blend from Belga & Co and also have Wide Awake beans. But the trick here is that they do their own biscuits including speculoos, and waffles. Oh gosh, me love it when dipped in a perfect coffee or even a cold brew in summer.

  • Hinterland

Vegan food, beautiful design, OR beans on Faema 61, and very instagramable 🙂 a pioneer in the neighborhood and still looking very fashionable.

  • Le Petit Mercado

Looking for Black Coffee and Oat Latte, NITRO INFUSED, in cans? That’s the place to go.

  • Stella

Amazing coffee bar with a local clientele, owned by Bassel, great barista and mixologist. Expect a super creative menu including the famous Red Latte.

  • Le Dillens

Talking about sustainable local food, this brasserie serves great food and specialty coffee since the beginning, a while ago now 😉 definitely my cantine in the area.

  • Bisou

Ice Cream vendor, with a twist for specialty coffee

  • Extra love : La Boule

I love this place so much! The team came to OK classes a bit by coincidence, and since then, followed all of it, switched to specialty, and set their grinder everyday. I don’t even mention the bread, one of the best in town!! Go quick and enjoy some beans from Wide Awake on espresso with a great pastry.

  • Jacq’s

Grilled Cheese etc… but also my dream desert, the one and only cake from my grandma, the petit beurre and ganache cake OMG YES! #localfoodculture

  • L’Alchimiste

Perrine serves vegan food, all home made, and is very passionate. This is her universe: quiet, comfy, and tasty. She also sells beans from various roasters, depending on when she travelled or ordered recently. If you leave around, don’t miss.

  • Epicerie Horta

Down the Forest Park. Lots of tasty organic products to go, including coffee from OR, but also kombucha, beers and ice creams.. Summer will be hot, and Horta is here to help us enjoy it at its best.

  • Boulengier

They switched to specialty end of 2023 with Parlor Coffee on the grinder! A must try.

  • Fight Club

Pizza slices, Vermout and Coffee from Wide Awake!



Brussels Espresso Lovers Coffee Tour – Uptown

  • Batch

New in town! Great Coffee, real kitchen, evening service with amazing food and natural wines.

  • Kafeï

An asian restaurant, known for the fluffiest pancakes around, but also for having a barista station in the middle of the place! This should happen more often. Great spot and huge reputation well deserved.

  • Khobz

Best Bakery in Brussels. So expert that I don’t understand what they post on Instagram.. but damn, I want to eat their bread and pastries for the rest of my life. Oh, and they serve Mok on espresso and filter (and maybe cold brew now)

  • Alimentation

Traiteur with a food offer you won’t regret! and specialty coffee made on a full automated machine. Talking about inclusivity in coffee, here we go! Love it.

  • Jackie

Formerly known as Parlor Coffee. Kiliane took over the place late 2021, re-designed it and added to the coffee concept a well curated magazine supply. I love the vibe, this is where I host my meetings in the neighbourhood. And a little tip, they serve cocoa husk infused in water or milk, a must try!

  • Hinterland

Vegan food, beautiful design, OR beans on Faema 61, and very instagramable 🙂 a pioneer in the neighborhood and still looking very fashionable.

  • Kami

Well, expect just the best. Clara and Ilias are just amazing and passionate. The place looks cute to perfection, with a garden! They serve beans from Kolonel, Antwerp, on espresso, and have beans from various roasters around Europe for filters. So many equipment to buy to brew at home!! Full shelves waiting for you.


Brussels – Midtown

  • Bouche

You were looking for the most innovative spot in town? There you gooo. In addition to food and wine, you’ll have frozen competition coffee brewed on filter only for your eyes. I’m living for this!

  • Misao

Sandrine is all about pepper and spice, but like the way I do in coffee, with values and taste. Just don’t ask and go! My tip, her classic black pepper from Kivu for your savory dishes or your chocolate mousse.

  • Kiosk

A radio in the royal park, streaming the local scene and brewing decent coffee for you to enjoy in the green.

  • Café Boudin

Recent, good, beautiful, well located in front of Bozar, and the owner posts funny crazy stuff on Insta. A new favorite location, with a big heart, definitely.


  • Lucifer Lives

A bold personality, a hugely inclusive community space, the place where all freaks including myself feel at home when everybody else won’t accept us. Expect vegan food, horror movies, hip hop or metal music and forget about your gender or any other social norms.

  • La Fruitière

Best place for cheese, by FAR. And also the place where I teach. A cheesy home away from home thanks to Veronique, Leo and the team.

  • The Hoxton Hotel

What more can you ask than a boutique hotel serving specialty coffee. OMG

  • Bark Boy

Great Coffee from Parlor Coffee on highly technological equipment. Expect a crazy experience

  • Pinpin

Another amazing bakery serving great coffee

Extra :

  • My Little Cup

This one is there for a while, and changed owners for the best in town, Antoine! not to mention the team, super dedicated to competitions etc… Simply one of the best spot in town.

  • Buddy Buddy

They simply killed it, the look of the place (even copied in Russia), the choice of coffee and all of this doesn’t even showcase their main activity which is Peanut Butter. Have a try and let your taste buds thank you.


Paris – A few tips

  • Echo

try their Vietnamese coffee on ice! Made from coconut reduction, yum!

  • Bone Shaker

for coffee and American donuts to perfection

  • Plaq

for the best chocolate makers in town

  • Bonjour Jacob

for coffee, records and magazine. A curated place

  • Café Belleville

for freshly roasted beans