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so, here is our very first article/experiment.. tadaaam.

Cool guys from BeanBros.co recently asked us if we would like to play and experiment the very first batch of coffee they were about to send by post to their monthly subscribers.
How nice is that. I immediately contacted Charlene De Buysere as we were already talking about to expand the OK Coffee team with her and other fellow coffee mates (to be discovered soon). Charlene is a super skilled barista, multiple Belgian champion (barista 2014, brewers 2011…) and also world Aeropress champion in 2012.

Coffees from this very first batch are roasted by talented La Cabra coffee roasters. Next batch will be Da Matteo.

So, we are thrilled to share with you Charlene’s very first experiment as an OK Coffee team member. yay 🙂
« Listen » to what she has to tell you about Ethiopia and Kenya:

1. Ethiopia Konga, Yirgacheffe

La Cabra

This is such a cool coffee. Serve this coffee to people that don’t know anything about specialty coffee, they’ll say its tea!
A good earl grey tea with a slice of lemon.

A medium to light roast
I feel a delicate sweet note with orange peel.
There is a complex citrus fruit taste and a balanced finish.

Brew guide

  • Aeropress
  • 87°C
  • 17grams of coffee/265grams water
  • very coarse grind size
  • 30ml of bloom 30s swirl
  • Add the rest of the water by pouring in the middle of the Aeropress, do this during 30s
  • Press down for 30s, not all the way down, stop when water comes to level n°1
  • V60
  • 15grams of coffee/250grams of water
  • 92°C
  • Coarse grind size
  • 50ml (let it dry out) +- 30s Acidity
  • 50ml (let it dry out) +- 30s sweetness
  • 75ml (let it dry out) strength one
  • 75ml (let it dry out) strength two

2. Kenya Karimikui

La Cabra

Anyone in favor of this seasons fruit will love this one! In the fragrance it has berries and regarding the flavor, a fruity nearly ripe prune and rhubarb taste.
It has a sweet aftertaste and a lemon acidity.

Brew guide

  • Coarse grind size
  • WATER 90°C
  • TIME 3:00
  • YIELD 280G
  • 60ML ACIDITY 30S
  • 80ML SWEETNESS 1:10
  • 190ML STRENGHT 3:00

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Charlene De Buysere
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Charlene De Buysere

Charlene De Buysere Founder at Creative Coffee Consultancy, barista at De Superette Ghent, passion for food and design.